P2 Force Equipment by Empower Enterprises Inc

Martial Arts


Fight the good fight against obesity by adding resistance training capabilities to your school curriculum!



  • Financial Investment Minimal
  • Financial Return Maximal
  • Add new programs and activities (Martial Arts and Fitness) to grow your business


  • Stronger, healthier, better conditioned and happier Students!
  • Happier Parents!
  • Improved reputation within your community!
  • MORE referrals and GREATER REVENUES!

P2 Force is the most versatile and functional elastic resistance and body weight training equipment available!

P2 Force Martial Body Training              P2 Force Martial Arts Multiple Training




Elastic Resistance

  • Perform punches, kicks and other martial arts techniques against elastic resistance to create stronger, more powerful and quicker technique execution.
  • Use elastic resistance tubing with clips or elastic resistance bands
  • Incremental, consistent and measurable levels of resistance.
  • Multi-angle and multi-planar resistance capability provides greater, more benificial training effect.
  • P2 Force Martial Arts Body Weight Training

Body Weight Training

  • Progressive Overload training easily implemented with the adjustable height cross bar.
  • Consistent, incremental and measurable resistance levels.

Integration Of Other Fitness Tools And Equipment

  • Other equipment can be used with the P2 Force - stability balls, BOSU, foam rollers, medicine balls, weighted vests, balance boards, Steps, dumbbells, Body Bars and more!
  • Train all possible techniques and joint movements from a variety of possible positions!


P2 Force Martial Arts Training



  • Mobile

    P2 Force Martial Arts is Mobile

  • Small footprint - small space requirement

  • Children & adults can safely and effectively use the P2 Force

  • Accommodates multiple, simultaneous users

  • Use either elastic resistance tubing with clips or elastic resistance bands

  • Numerous anchor points for elastic resistance tubing or elastic bands are located at numerous positions providing a multitude of potential resistance training options

  • Total unit height can be adjusted from 5’ 3” to 6’9” in 6” increments
The P2 Force is the world's simplest and most versatile piece of resistance training equipment.
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