P2 Force Equipment by Empower Enterprises Inc

Disabled Fitness and Recreation


Training for Everyone



  • Accommodates standard wheel chair designs!
  • Add the benefits of elastic resistance & body weight training – anywhere in you need it!
  • Safely and effectively used for kids and adults!

P2 Force is the most versatile and functional elastic and body weight training equipment available!



Multiple Uses

  • Provides resistance training capabilities
  • Personal training – one-on-one and small group training
  • Group fitness – no more free weight damage to floors and easy set up for class use.

Elastic Resistance

  • Can use elastic resistance tubing with clips or elastic resistance bands
  • Training is not gravity dependent!
  • Incremental, consistent and measurable levels of resistance – more effective training protocols and assessments.
  • Multi-angle and multi-planar resistance capability provides simultaneous training of agonists, antagonists, stabilizers, neutralizers and synergist muscle groups!

Body Weight Training

  • Progressive Overload Training easily implemented with the adjustable height cross bar.
  • Consistent, incremental and measurable resistance levels.
  • Combine Training Methods in same exercise
    • Elastic resistance & body weight training

Integration Of Other Fitness Tools And Equipment

  • Other equipment can be used with the P2 Force - medicine balls, weighted vests, dumbbells, Body Bars and more!
  • Train all possible joint movements from a variety of possible positions!


Training with the P2 Force



  • Mobile

  • Small footprint saves space for use and storage

  • Children & adults can safely and effectively use the P2 Force

  • Accommodates multiple, simultaneous users

  • Can use either elastic resistance tubing with clips or elastic resistance bands

  • Numerous anchor points for elastic resistance tubing or elastic bands are located at many different heights and angles providing a multitude of potential resistance training options

  • Total unit height can be adjusted from 5’ 3” to 6’9” in 6” increments
The P2 Force is the world's simplest and most versatile piece of resistance training equipment.
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