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Tim Rochford President

Tim Rochford

President – Empower Enterprises, Inc & Empower Training Systems, Inc.
Designer of the P2 Force

AS in Fitness Leadership, BS in Sport Management – Fitness & Wellness (2012), Certified Personal Trainer (ACE since 1991, Cooper Institute, NASM), has been a martial artist since 1978 and involved in fitness since 1984. He holds a 6th degree Black Belt (Kajukenbo Karate), is a sport karate competitor & was an amateur kickboxer. He is the founder of Empower Training Systems (a self defense/ kickboxing fitness instructor training company) and Empower Enterprises, Inc. Rochford has authored numerous instructor training programs and manuals, including (co‐author) the ACE Kickboxing Fitness Specialty Training manual, (author) Martial Fitness Kickboxing Instructor Training, FitStrike Kickboxing/MMA Fitness Instructor Training and the Proactive Personal Security Self Defense Instructor Training Program. He is an ACE and ISSA continuing education specialist.



Melissa Anne Maye Vice President

Melissa Anne Maye

Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer – Empower Enterprises, Inc.

Melissa Anne Maye, graduated from Regis University in Denver, Colorado with degrees in business administration and economics. She also earned a law degree from Georgia State University. She serves as Empower Enterprises, Inc.'s Secretary/Treasurer, and is also the general counsel for the company. Ms. Maye has an extensive background in corporate law, insurance law, and products liability. Ms. Maye participates in circuit fitness training using the P2 Force and is currently working towards her black belt in Kajukenbo karate in the Empower Martial Arts program.



Jenny Mittelstaedt

Marketing Consultant – Empower Enterprises, Inc.

Jenny joined Empower Enterprises, Inc. in 2009. Jenny has 18 years of marketing expertise working with corporations, private companies and small businesses in the areas of public relations, website development, creative, literature and conferences. Jenny holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations/English from Illinois State University.

Jenny has been an active member of the Empower Martial Arts fitness family since 2005 and uses the P2 Force as an integral part of her workouts -- benefiting from its ability to provide a flexible and always challenging workout with this single piece of equipment. Both of her daughters have used it as well -- aiding in their training for karate, softball and gymnastics.



People Working out with the P2 Force



Deanna Wyatt, PT, MHS

"The P2 Force is the perfect addition to any physical therapy clinic. It has allowed me to easily implement strength training for my patients. The numerous anchor points allow for multi-angle resistance that can be adjusted for any body part quickly. The resistive tubing attachments are durable and alleviate any worry of breaking.


It is truly unique allowing the therapist to set up strength programs in standing, sitting, or even lying positions in minutes. When you combine the P2 Force with other therapy equipment, the possibilities are endless. This is one of the most versatile pieces of rehab equipment that I have worked with."


Jennifer A. Speckman, P.T.
President - Speckman Therapeutics, LLC

"To gain functional strength, we either need to be task specific or to simulate the muscle action for a specific task. With the P2 Force, one is able to simulate muscle action to gain functional strength. A muscle or muscle group is strengthened with multidirectional forces. For example, one is able strengthen the biceps and gain shoulder stabilization at the same time. One is, also, able to work the entire muscle through the entire range of motion. Muscle fibers are recruited at the beginning and the end range of motion as well as the middle range. With proper set-up, one is able to strengthen most of the muscles of the body.


The P2 Force is literally an all-in-one unit, and it is easy to use. My patient's really like the work-out and their results! Every Physical Therapy clinic needs one of these units!"


Joselyn Armstead, ATC
Head Athletic Trainer for Yorkville High School
ATC, Atlas Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Centers

"The P2 Force is a fantastic way to combine sports performance exercise with injury prevention and rehabilitation. It is a great alternative to traditional weightlifting that keeps young athletes engaged in exercise both mentally and physically. The P2 Force is also a time efficient unit that allows you to create several stations or have multiple athletes performing exercises at the same time. The P2 Force has become a popular part of my sports performance program."

The P2 Force is the world's simplest and most versatile piece of resistance training equipment.
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